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Micro Mov_1Een nieuwe collectie van zestien gevarieerde stukken in quasi-hedendaagse stijl voor gitaristen in de B- begin C fase. Er is een ruime diversiteit aan technisch ‘gitaaridioom’ tussen impressionistisch en (licht) modern in de muziek aanwezig. Alle MICRO MOVEMENTS liggen qua toegankelijk- en speelbaarheid in het verlengde van de al eerder door Iduna gepubliceerde aan Leo Brouwer opgedragen ’15 Modern Studies for Guitar’.

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Al deze stukken zijn opgenomen door Eugène den Hoed op Iduna CD ‘Music for Guitar’ volume 8 MGGO 1868.

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    This Dutch composer’s pieces are always worth playing. He manages to write in a contemporary way without frightening your granny, whilst retaining a truly modern edge to it.

    This latest set of modestly sized pieces (one page each) are for guitarists around grades 4-6 and although they often, being studies, have a technical bent to them, they are always musical arid both interesting and rewarding to get your fingers into.

    Many different techniques arc ‘studied’ in these pieces and so it would be churlish of me to actually single any out but suffice it to say that the moods within arc many and varied and the challenges you will face trying them out will task you but they are actually really worth the effort required. This is a very good publication to give your pupils or indeed one to try out at recitals, because musically they are more than interesting.

    Chris Dumigan – Classical Guitar Magazine

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