Evocations for guitar 1 – 6


by Eugène Den Hoed. Muziekuitgeverij Iduna V.O.F. 24pp. Subtitled Six Impressionistic Pieces these enterprising items are graded 5-6. They are eminently accessible and yet are written in an unusually harmonised style that succeed in sounding quite original and do not rely on hackneyed guitaristic figurations so prevalent in some compositions. They do not have any sub-titles and are merely numbered 1-6 but are quite substantial in size. In general the whole set which amounts to nearly 25 minutes of music uses figurations that are eminently playable. Interesting to see and hear and yet quite individual. The music is charming and like little else that I have tried before yet isn’t modern enough to scare your granny. Nicely printed, this volume was a refreshing change from some music one gets to see and hear. Chris Dumigan – Classical Guitar, march 2007