Evocations for guitar 7 – 12

EVOCATIONS 7- 12 by Eugène den Hoed Muziekuitgeverij Iduna V.O.F. 28pp. Book 2 of these ‘Six Impressionistic Pieces for Guitar’ as they are subtitled, are all astep harder than the Book 1 (See separate review) The composer grades them as 6—7, and like Book 1 they are composed in a modern – impressionistic idiom with each evocation having its own characteristics in structure, tempo and harmonies. Yet again this book, like its companion reveals some surprisingly adventurous music, completely tonal yet never obvious and each of the pieces is a wonderfully complete separate item on its own. I could see a small number of these being perfect as a suite to play in the middle of your recital. Great! Chris Dumigan – Classical Guitar, march 2007