Fantasias for Guitar

FANTASIAS FOR GUITAR for solo guitar by Eugène den Hoed Muziekuitgeverij Iduna VOF 36pp.

These nine fantasias are aimed around the intermediate level of difficulty; their intention is to try and augment the repertoire of contemporary guitar music and enable the student to try out and appraise ‘modern’, atonal music without having to struggle with the likes of Bennett, Henze, Martin, etc. Despite the dictionairy definition of a Fantasia being a compositlon structured according to the composer’s fancy, these nine pieces are actually written in a stricter form than that implies and are quite accessible both to the ear and from a technical viewpoint. There is some very good writing contained within these pieces and a brief set of three or four pieces could easily be created from this book to be included in the informal student concert or the like. Presentation is very good with clear printing and sensible fingering by the composer. Steve Marsh – Classical Guitar, march 2007