New Different Moods

NEW DIFFERENT MOODS (16 pieces for guitar)


Muziekuitgeverij Iduna V.O.F. 28pp

This Dutch composer always writes good, interesting and effective material and the latest bunch of 16 short, yet quite substantial works is no exception.

They are varied in style and content, yet all have a lack of the obvious or hackneyed phrase and harmony, as they manage to sound fresh and new; just unusual enough to keep your interest.

They range from the tongue-in-cheek Tangolito, to the almost folk-like A Quiet Afternoon, or the almost enigmatically harmonised Morning Dew. They tend to be of moderate difficulty although some of the difficulty factor stems from the occasional unusual chord shape or group of notes that can catch you by surprise but then again they are some of the delights in playing these pieces, for you really don’t know what you are going to find.

This is a fine set, with much to enjoy, and if you do not know this man’s music, take a flyer and give them a go, for you will almost certainly not be disappointed.

(Classical Guitar  – October 2013)