Nuances and Imaginations


by Eugene Den Hoed

Iduna Muziekuitgeverij V.O.F. 35pp.

This is a collection of 16 intermediate pieces that in the words of the Preface ‘offer a range of different musical atmospheres’. They are widely diverse in both music and their technical requirements and yet are written with accessibility in mind.

With this I absolutely agree. The first thing that strikes you about all the pieces is an almost folky element to the harmonies. I then realised that the writer has often used modal harmonies in a most individual way so that they constantly sound fresh and individual. An initial strangeness in their writing gives way quickly to the feeling that you are playing something compellingly individual that grabs you musically. There are literally no second-rate pieces here but really outstanding ones include Shades, with its second section that I couldn’t get out of my head; the almost robotic Trip to Mechanism I; the warmly emotive The End of A Sunny Sunday; the wonderfully oriental sound of The Geisha that absolutely refuses to include any hackneyed ‘oriental’ intervals yet sounds perfectly right and correct and the delightfully quirky Twisted Logic.

I cannot stress enough I enjoyed this fabulous book, which is full of wonderful music. Any decent player will get such a lot from it that it should be on all our shelves. 

Chris Dumigan – Classical Guitar Magazine