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    Campo Tribute

    Dedicated to Abel Carlevaro

    Inspired by Abel Carlevaro’s ‘Preludios Americanos’ no. 3, Eugène den Hoed has written this piece for guitar as a tribute to both Abel Carlevaro himself and to his famous composition Campo. Campo Tribute has the same striking opening motive and the piece is not in b-minor but in a-minor. It is technically very accessible / guitaristically written …

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    Guitar Reflections

    Guitar-Re11These twenty compositions for guitar have been written specifically with musical students in mind, who are looking for an addition to the commonplace repertory in a guitar-idiom that may well be new to them. The usage of less common keys and an impressionistic and contemporary atmosphere are a few of the …

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    Guitaristic Scenes Part One


    Recorded on Iduna CD ‘Music for Guitar’ volume 9  

    Guitaristic scenes part one v3The first part of Guitaristic Scenes contains 11 compositions in different styles. ‘Guitaristic Scenes’ features generally tonal pieces with a slightly modern character. Price: €10,95 | grade 3-5 All pieces have been recorded by Eugène den Hoed on Iduna CD ‘Music for Guitar’ …

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    Guitaristic Scenes Part Two

    Guitarist_1Guitaristic Scenes part two. Het vervolg op Guitaristic Scenes part one met hierin 10 composities. Ook deze Guitaristic Scenes zijn overwegend tonaal geschreven en hebben ook allemaal een licht modern karakter. Prijs: €10,95 | B- C fase Al deze stukken zijn opgenomen door Eugène den Hoed op Iduna CD …

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    La Guitarra Ostinata

    La Guitar 3_1La Guitarra Ostinata  is een compositie voor gitaar  opgedragen aan Philip Glass, een van de bekenste ‘minimal- music’ componisten van deze tijd. Een van de kenmerken van dit stuk  is een ostinaat strak ritmisch patroon dat steeds een maat wordt herhaald. Ieder volgend patroon is een vervolg …

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    Metamorphoses for guitar


    A composition consisting of four parts for guitar solo. Each part is written in a contemporary idiom.

    Grade 4-5

    This piece has been recorded by Eugène den Hoed on Iduna CD ‘Music for Guitar’ volume 7  MSTP 9672. 

    A composition consisting of four parts for guitar solo. Each part is written in a contemporary …

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    Micro Movements for Guitar

    Micro Mov_1A new collection of sixteen varying pieces in semi-contemporary style for guitarists in B- or early C grade info. It includes a large diversity of technical ‘guitar-idiom’ in between of impressionistic and (slightly) modern music. All ‘Micro Movements’ are comparable in accessibility and difficulty to ’15 Modern Studies for Guitar’, dedicated to …

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    New Different Moods for guitar

    New Diffe_1These sixteen pieces are a sequel to the earlier ‘Twelve Different Moods for Guitar’ (Iduna 0043). De diversity in styles creates plethora of atmosphere for the guitarist to enjoy. An extensive diversity of musical and technical idiom is present in the pieces, all of which have been written in a somewhat tonal …

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    Simple Fun

    Simple Fu_1Sixteen simple pieces written for young guitarists . All compositions are played mainly in first position. Speed indications have deliberately been withheld, so that the players can make this choice themselves and according to their own taste.

    For guitarists around grades 2-3


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    Theme and variations

    Theme and_1‘Theme and Variations for Guitar’ starts with a central theme, after which eight variations on this theme follow. The structure is based on the well-known ’12 bars blues system’, but has not been written typically pentatonically. All ‘turn-arounds’ are a transitional continuation of the next variation. Price: €8,95 | grade 5-7 Recorded …

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    Three Pieces for Guitar

    Three pie_1This book contains three different pieces: ‘Danza Nova’, a rythmic piece alternating between 6/8 and 9/8,

    ‘Moments of Dissonance’, a piece with more audacious harmonies and a free-speed midpiece, the whole of which has been written very “guitarishly”, and finally,

    ‘Asturioso’; a piece that not only refers to the very well-known Asturias, …