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    Guitarayando – sonata para guitarra

    Large form 4 part sonata in a contemporary / impressionistic idiom.

    Part 1; (allegretto) E Major

    Part 2; (andante)   A Minor

    Part 3; B Major

    Part 4; (vivace- moderato- vivace) E Major

    Grade 5-7

    16 pages

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    14 Etudes for Guitar

    All etudes are based on the seven root notes in Major and Minor and are in a melodic and tonal setting.
    Each etude consists of two pages.
    1 C Major/ C minor
    2 D Major/ D minor
    3 E Major/ E Minor
    4 F Major/ F Minor
    5 G Major/ G Minor
    6 A Major/ A Minor
    7 B Major/ B Minor
    Grade 4-5
    28 pages
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    Classical Groove

    A tonal composition for solo guitar in rondo style in C Major,
    Classical Groove has a very playful and lively character.
    Grade 3-4
    4 pages
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    Gentle Approaches

    You could see these twelve pieces for guitar as a follow-up to Short Impressions.

    Also here all Gentle Approaches are written with wide diversity in a mostly tonal atmosphere. Also the time signatures and keys are very accessible.

    Grade 3-4
    18 pages

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    Haro no Umi for flute and guitar

    Pentatonic composition in E Minor written for Koto ( Japanese string instrument originating from China) and Shakuhachi ( authentic Japanese bamboo flute).
    For this version Eugene den Hoed arranged the Koto part for guitar. The flute/ guitar part comes with a separate flute insert.

    Grade 4-7
    15 pages

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    Impressionistic Bagatelles part one: 1 – 8

    A total of 18 pieces in an approachable impressionist idiom. Each Bagatelle print covers two pages.

    16 pages
    Grade 3-6

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    Impressionistic Bagatelles part two: 9-18

    The sequel of part one. This book contains 10 pieces which too have been printed covering two pages.

    20 pages
    Grade 3-6

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    Mozart Hommage for guitar

    Mozart Hommage for guitar dedicated to Enno Voorhorst
    A tribute to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in C Major in an elegant 18th century style.
    Part 1; (allegro) C Major
    Part 2; (andante cantabile) G Major
    Part 3; (finale) C major
    Grade 4-6
    13 pages
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    Partita Contemporaire

    This collection consists of 11 pieces, which are all based on dance forms from the Baroque era. The pieces are based on dance forms which were prevailing at the time, and were common in many Baroque-suites.

    These ‘old’ harmonies are not applied in this Partita. The pieces do however have a light-contemporary character.

    Prelude, Courante, Arietta, Sarabande, Bourreé, Menuet, Sicilienne ,Gavotte I&II, Capriccio, …

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    Seven Six-String Stories part one

    Seven stylistically different pieces with predominately tonal characteristics.
    From melancholic, impressionistic to classic and latin.
    An attractive compilation to widen the musical horizon.
    Grade 4
    21 pages
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    Seven Six-String Stories part two

    Sequel to Seven Six- String stories part one, with a slightly higher level of difficulty.
    Very diverse in harmonic and rhythmic structures.
    Grade 4-5
    23 pages
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    Short Impressions

    Twelve varied pieces in a colorful bouquet of styles.
    All Short Impressions are guitaristic very accessible and written in a predominately tonal and harmonic atmosphere.

    Grade 4-5
    18 pages[:nl]

    Twaalf gevarrieërde stukken in een kleurrijk palet aan stijlen.  Alle’ Short  Imperssions’ zijn

    gitaristisch  zeer toegankelijk – en in een overwegend  tonale harmonische sfeer geschreven.

    B fase

    18 speelpagina’s .

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    Sonoras Sonata Para Guitarra

    Three pieces written in a modern idiom, which can be performed as one integral piece. The material is written in a very ‘guitaristic’ way. Sonoras is a welcome change, both auditory and technical, for the more modern and adventurous guitar player.

    15 pages
    Grade 5-6

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    Variations on a Theme of John Dowland

    Theme and eight variations on; ‘If My Complaints Could Passions Move’.