Domenico Scarlatti. 8 Sonatas arranged for guitar


Scarlatti solo_1Domenico Scarlatti was born in Naples on the 26th of October, 1685, and died in Madrid on the 23th of July, 1757. The eldest son of Alessandro Scarlatti, a famous composer at the time, Domenico was destined to become a musician. At the age of sixteen he was appointed organist in the Royal Chapel in Naples, and after a long period of wandering he spent most of his life in the Spanish court, where the majority of his clavier-music was created. Some of his 550 (!) sonates for harpsichord have been discovered throughout the years as being highly suitable for guitar, if adapted correctly. The collected sonates in this book have been treated in such a way as to create as “guitaristic” a playability as possible.

Price: €12,75 | grade 6-8