Three Pieces for Guitar


Three pie_1This book contains three different pieces: ‘Danza Nova’, a rythmic piece alternating between 6/8 and 9/8,

‘Moments of Dissonance’, a piece with more audacious harmonies and a free-speed midpiece, the whole of which has been written very “guitarishly”, and finally,

‘Asturioso’; a piece that not only refers to the very well-known Asturias, but which is also a tribute to the Spanish composer Isaac Albeníz. It consists of a tuneful melody in the baseline accompanied by quick trioles in arpegio-form and a lyrical ‘con calma’.

Grade 6-7

These three pieces have been recorded by Eugène den Hoed on Iduna CD ‘Music for Guitar’ volume 7  MSTP 9672.

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